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No guitar or amp is required for the lessons,although,to improve at all,you will need to invest in
an electric guitar and amp
sooner or later.
I can assist you in choosing the right new or second hand guitar and amplifier at the right price.

For beginners we work through 2 original book modules which I specifically tailored to quickly
get you understanding TAB,basic techniques and get you up and jamming CHOP CHOP. 

After a few lessons,you get to keep them plus a cd to train with. 

For slightly more experienced players we can concentrate on your weaknesses and take it from there.

I will teach you all the tricks and shortcuts to impress your mates with. 

For Lead....Easy block scales to memorize,no fancy/involved stuff,just what you need to blaze away
[with practice of course] 

For Rythm....Power Chords,Chopping....Speed Chopping

If you put in the time and effort, you will definetely reach your goals and ambitions. 

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